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Looking for Woman or Couple for Adult Play "NSA" Lusty Married Women 0   0   6/21/2018
new moderator dj's lake retreat 4   1   6/21/2018
Fourth of July Erotic Fun in New York City gang-bang black 0   0   6/21/2018
Hot biker from swfl loves fully dressers Transexuals-TV-CDS & Admirers 0   0   6/21/2018
Caution: Pussy licking may cause squirting. Mexico Sex Partners Naughty Community. 55   10   6/21/2018
Fourth of July Erotic Fun!! White Women Who LOVEBBC 0   0   6/21/2018
Fourth of July Erotic Fun!! White Women Who Crave Black Men 1   0   6/21/2018
Fourth of July Carnal Fun!! Married, Wanting More-Tristate 0   0   6/21/2018
Group Discussions thing of the past? White Women 4 Black Cock In NY 0   0   6/21/2018
anyone around Johnstown Adults 1   0   6/21/2018
What r u wearing? crossdressing 5   2   6/21/2018
Two hole toy play. Mexico Sex Partners Naughty Community. 54   9   6/21/2018
Oshawa, Ontario and close by panty play Men in womens Panties 7   1   6/21/2018
Where are all the Denver tops. CUM LOVERS INC. 0   0   6/21/2018
Life OKC and surrounding areas 2   0   6/21/2018
Sex Talking. Mexico Sex Partners Naughty Community. 66   8   6/21/2018
Girls Taking A Pee Outside. Mexico Sex Partners Naughty Community. 45   11   6/21/2018
Two On One. Two In One. Mexico Sex Partners Naughty Community. 82   11   6/21/2018
Looking for a sexy guy that likes oral Terre Haute friends and more.. 4   0   6/21/2018
Summer fun nude boating 0   0   6/21/2018
Looking in Ft. Worth for a sexy Queen Black BBW for White Men 0   0   6/21/2018
Hello Everybody!!! Watching or Being Watched 5   0   6/21/2018
Discussion Topic 2018-06-21 --- Consider this... Wyoming Nudists and Naturists 2   0   6/21/2018
cuck cpl with bi daddy looking men who can fuck our family Cuckhold Couples Looking/Doms 11   0   6/21/2018
1st time cock sucker wants an oral orgy/blowbang and cum shower Oral all around! 4   0   6/21/2018[View All]

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Poll Group Views Votes Last Vote
Sucks better Bi Guys In the North Burbs 13   4   6/21/2018
For all the guys Men who love to suck cock 57   10   6/20/2018
Mexico Sex Partners Role Rlay( RP) preference and presumptions Leo/Dragon#Convo 9   1   6/19/2018
Alpha Poll Test 1 Leo/Dragon#Convo 16   1   6/19/2018
Clothes M-F crossdressing 19   3   6/18/2018
What to do, what to do??? Tallahassee Play 16   0   6/18/2018
Who's in BI MEN/WOMEN or COUPLES WANTED 25   1   6/16/2018
NY Bareback? Bare Back the East Coast 41   3   6/15/2018
What is your reason you don't/won't meet people in person? Central Florida Bi MMF 3way 31   0   6/13/2018
Mature Wife Forced & Rough Sex Fantasy 111   21   6/12/2018[View All]

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Girls Watching Guys On Cam Exhibitionism 263,833  555,093 
Scots Corner Scotland 3,912  327,829 
Younger Women for Older Men Aging/Age Differences 36,074  327,121 
WhiteWomenWhoCraveBlackMen Interracial 18,364  246,855 
Idaho Swingers R Us. Idaho 2,203  192,041 
The Sheep Appreciation Society Yorkshire 479  151,901 
Sanctuary Yorkshire 421  143,145 
T2 SOCIAL SWINGERS Queensland 963  133,022 
INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS MANSION Aging/Age Differences 1,111  123,736 
Tampa Area Sex Assoc St. Petersburg & Clearwater 2,981  123,005 
COUPLES UK England 264  122,310 
OKC and surrounding areas Western Oklahoma 2,152  118,320 
The Enigmatic Ones Chicago & Vicinity 29  111,827 
Folks That Love Sex Northern Illinois 1,412  109,725 
Married, Wanting More-Tristate Long Island & Vicinity 2,377  96,294 
BBW HQ......(UK Branch) BBW 1,934  84,791 
AdultFriendFinder Naughty Community. Exhibitionism 2,127  74,923 
Active Chatters Aberdeenshire 1,981  73,825 
Older And Younger For All Aging/Age Differences 1,148  68,536 
Triple S Illinois 293  65,923 
Cloud Nine Dirty Talking 1,868  65,305 
Big Tit Lovers Breast Fetish 3,553  61,617 
Fun BBWs in Central Illinois Central Illinois 344  61,299 
Southern Comfort Southern Mississippi 263  60,569 
Adult Friends of Long Island Suffolk County 3,519  60,389 
Cairns! Queensland 731  54,473 
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:) Exhibitionism 128,834  53,438 
Frenz Singapore 955  53,402 
the naked Playroom Dirty Talking 2,611  52,111 
Nasty Men/Freaky Young Women Aging/Age Differences 13,489  50,851 
Women and couples 4 bi singles Bisexuals 25,238  49,610 
wyobraska swingers Western Nebraska 51  46,673 
Not Strange but Gifted...! Yorkshire 160  46,524 
WomenCplsIntoGangBangFunw/aBBC Washtenaw County 8,872  46,373 
Ottawa - Capital Sex Ontario 2,127  43,524 
The Magic Castle Aging/Age Differences 210  41,487 
Real Swingers -- Scotland Scotland 511  40,853 
Indy Sex Freaks Indianapolis Metro Area 2,546  40,492 
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly) Role Play 37,974  39,816 
Mad City Madison & Vicinity 445  39,073 
UnderCuvr Luvrs of Long Island Long Island & Vicinity 421  38,706 
Bling Nation Other 309  37,866 
Diversi-'T's Transexual/Tranvestites 859  37,072 
NEW BEGIN Other 107  37,067 
COCKTAIL PARTY CENTRAL Connecticut 1,793  37,001 
Bisexual Married Cpls Chat ETC Bisexuals 13,308  35,611 
Edmonton Real People Alberta 5,267  35,565 
Milw and Surrounding Southeastern Wisconsin 414  34,866 
Colo Spgs Social 2 Colorado Springs Area 970  34,691 
HOTT DIRTY PHONE SEX Phone Sex 30,319  33,910 
black women and white men. South Atlanta 2,613  32,185 

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Group Region/Topic Chatting
Girls Watching Guys On Cam Exhibitionism 19
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watch North San Bernardino County 12
2 Taboo for You Role Play 12
50 Shades of Play room Role Play 5
Flirty Fun For All Lanarkshire 2

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